Our Beliefs

Coffee House Ministries, Fairbury Nebraska

1. The Trinity God exists in three distinct persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All three in Scripture are called God, possess the attributes that only God possesses, and do the things that only God can do.

2. The full deity and humanity of Christ Jesus Christ is fully God, has been from all eternity, was fully God in His earthly life, and is fully God at the right hand of the Father. At His birth in Bethlehem He took on full humanity as well as retaining full deity.

3. The spiritual lostness of the human race Mankind fell into sin in the garden and is, therefore, incapable (apart from God’s intervening grace) of coming to God in his fallen state.

4. The Substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
Jesus took upon Himself the penalty for mankind’s sin which is death. He paid this penalty at the cross, was buried, and rose again bodily from the dead.

5. Salvation by faith alone in Christ alone
Because of mankind’s lostness due to sin, and because of Christ’s death for sin, mankind can only find forgiveness of sins and eternal life by faith in Christ alone and His work on the cross.

6. The physical return of Christ
Christ will return at any time to receive His own to Himself and seven years later return to establish a literal, physical kingdom on earth for a thousand years, after which, all believers will enter into eternity with God.

7. The authority and inerrancy of Scripture
The Bible, in its original manuscripts, is without error and fully authoritative for life and practice.

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